natura-ways-to-quit-smoking-300x278If you want to quit smoking, you’re going to need a lot of help. Most of this help though, will come directly from you. You’ve got to help yourself through those impossible urges and somehow convince yourself that you can get through. Try picking up these habits when you’re trying to kick the habit of smoking. They can help you out greatly.

Breathe Better

Most people take breathing for granted, but smokers know what it feels like to gasp a little going up the stairs. It can be quite frightening when you realize what smoking is doing to you. However, awareness of breath is a good thing and will work in your favor as you quit. Be deliberate about it. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly release it via your mouth. Deep breathing is cleansing for your lungs and your thinking–use it to think straight about resisting the temptation to smoke.

Carry Bottled Water Everywhere You Go

Water will do your body good when you quit, because it helps to flush things out, including those toxins you’ve been accumulating. Keep bringing the water bottle to your lips, particularly when you can’t stop thinking about putting a cigarette in your mouth. Be refreshed and renewed with all the water, and enjoy the feeling of having a clean mouth rather than one that tastes and smells like an ashtray.

Put The Smart Phone To Good Use

Get in the habit of calling a friend or two as you go through the process of quitting. You will need people to depend on, people who can talk you off of the smoking cliff. Don’t hesitate to call anyone who can help you! They care and want you to succeed too, so prearrange with a few friends or relatives and put them on speed dial.

Exercise Regularly

You know quitting is good for you, but getting on a total health kick can really amp your power over cigarettes. The more dedicated you are to your health, the less likely you will be to fall back on cigarettes. Join a gym or go jogging. Show the world and yourself that you are determined to win back your lungs and treat them better. Vow to not gain weight as you quit too! Many people find exercise addictive, so this should be an easy habit for you to get into!

Pop Mints And Chew Gum

Fidgety fingers and an empty mouth mean your not smoking. This will be hard to get use to, especially in the beginning. Keep your favorite mint or chewing gum with you at all times and refer to it as often as necessary. You could try to pick a healthier type with less sugar, but make sure you find it enjoyable. After all, quitting smoking is such a huge positive for you, it’s worth a little bit of indulgence in other areas of your life.

Do whatever it takes to succeed at quitting. Develop a plan and use everything in your arsenal. It’s very important to have other habits to lean on as you quit, because smoking is (was!) such a huge part of your everyday life. Talk to others, ask your doctor and keep trying no matter what. You’ve simply got too much at stake to keep smoking.